Types of Candy

Baking (2)

Biscuits (14)

Bulk Candy (2)

Chewing Gum/Bubblegum (6)

Chewy Candy (38)

Chocolates (60)

Compressed & sherbet Candy (6)

Crisp & Snacks (9)

Dried Fruits & Nuts (2)

Gummy Candy (11)

Hard Candy (31)

Hot Drinks (1)

Imports (75)

Individually Wrapped (66)

Jawbreakers (2)

Liquorice (4)

Lollipops (9)

Marshmallows & Soft Candy (17)

Mints (14)

Nougat (1)

Novelty Candy (1)

Restaurant Sweets (4)

Spreads/Toppings (7)

Tape/Belts/Cables (5)

Toffees (6)

Wafers (6)

Google Rating

Really good prices and the have a large variety of stock as well as some limited edition products that we never see in regular grocery stores. They also sell cosmetics that smell amazing and are a value for money. – Fatima Chunara

Best shop for low priced sweets/snacks… Usually at least 25% cheaper than chianstores on non-mainstream products. – Franzell Krieg

Well stocked, decently priced sweet store. Wide range of items with more focus on locally produced items. Customers can make bulk and individual purchases. – Nerisha Chetty

My little princess’s favourite spot ???? – Bongani Mathenjwa

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