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Beacon 125g Toffchoc Original

Creamy Toffee Flavouring in the most Chocolatey Chocolate

Cadbury 50’s Eclairs

Caramel Toffee with cocoa cream centre

Lindor 200g Cornet Salted Caramel

Fine LINDT milk chocolate filled with an irresistibly smooth salted caramel milk chocolate centre carries you away on an indulgent, velvety smooth moment of bliss.

Lindor Creation Slab 150g Creme Brulee

There is something so fulfilling about cracking the caramelized sugar layer of a delicious crème brûlée, that our Master Chocolatiers were inspired to create an equally indulgent experience with this slab.

Toffifee 15’s

For some it's a taste of times gone by, for others a new adventure. Whatever your story, a Toffifee is just the thing for when you can't decide what you want. A hazelnut in caramel with creamy nougat and a dip of chocolate, Toffifee is the ultimate sweetie multi-tasker! Eat up, folks. A hazelnut in caramel with creamy nougat and chocolate Perfect for an on-the-go snack, or as part of a snack platter or sweetie bar

Wedgewood 150g Angel Biscuit Caramel

Get ready for our Salted Caramel Angels – Chunks of salted caramel & crispy honey nougat in real butter biscuits.

Wilson’s 150g Cream Caramels

Rich, Creamy, Caramel flavoured toffee made with milk